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  • Motivations of Women Participating in a Technology- Based Social Entrepreneurship Program
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2016 Vol 5_Iss 1
    Rachel Dzombak  ,Sally Mouakkad  ,Khanjan Mehta  
    entrepreneurship  , Gender Equity  , humanitarian  , Motivations  , service learning  , Social  , Women   
  • Research-Informed Policy Change: A Retrospective on Engineering Admissions
    Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol.103 no.1
    Beth M.Holloway  ,Teri Reed  ,P. K. Imbrie  ,Ken Reid  
    gender equity  ,research-informed policy change  ,success factor modeling  
  • A gender-specific, brochure-based intervention for improving boys' and girls' engineering stereotypes and academic self-perceptions
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2014 16(1)
    Matthew D. DiDonato  ,Amy M. Johnson  ,Martin Reisslein  
    Early intervention  ,self-efficacy  ,primary school  ,gender  
  • Quality of TVET in Rwanda with respect to gender and enrolment factors of access and equal opportunity in Ecole Technique Officiels (ETOs) and Agroveternaires (EAVEs)
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2013 vol.15 No.3
    Paul Mwangi Maringa  ,Maina Maringa  
    TVET quality  ,performance indicators  ,access  ,equal opportunity  ,gender  
  • It's a man's world: the academic staff gender disparity in engineering in 21 st Century Australia
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2012 vol 14 no 3
    Ian R. Dobson  
    Engineering  ,academic staff  ,faculty  ,female engineers  ,gender disparity  
  • Paving the way and passing the torch: mentors’ motivation and experience of supporting women in optical engineering
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol 39 no.6
    Naonori Kodate  ,Kashiko Kodate  ,Takako Kodate  
    engineering education  ,optical engineering  ,cultures and institutions  ,gender equality  ,mentors and leaders  
  • The teaching researcher: faculty attitudes towards the teaching and research roles
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol 39 no.4
    E. Alpay  ,R. Verschoor  
    teaching and research integration  ,faculty roles  ,gender differences  
  • Motivational factors, gender and engineering education
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol 38 no.3
    Jette Egelund Holgaard  ,Sanne Haase  ,Niels Mejlgaard  ,Anette Kolmos  
    engineering education research  ,gender studies  ,attractiveness of education  ,higher education  
  • Feminist methodologies and engineering education research
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol 38 no.1
    Kacey Beddoes  
    methodology  ,feminist methodologies  ,engineering education research  ,feminist research  ,gender  
  • Gender stereotypes among women engineering and technology students in the UK: lessons from career choice narratives
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol 37 no 6
    Abigail Powell  ,Andrew Dainty  ,Barbara Bagilhole  
    engineering  ,technology  ,women  ,gender  ,career choice  ,career decision-making  
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