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  • A coding scheme for analysing problem-solving processes of first-year engineering students
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol 39 no.6
    Sarah J. Grigg  ,Lisa C. Benson  
    problem-solving skills  ,cognitive processes  ,coding scheme  ,first-year engineering  
  • A comparative study on first-time and experienced project-based learning students in an engineering design module
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol 39 no.5
    K.J. Chua  
    project-based learning  ,prior experience  ,problem-solving  ,engineering design project  ,engineering education  
  • Moving beyond formulas and fixations: solving open-ended engineering problems
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol 37 no 6
    Elliot P. Douglas  ,Mirka Koro-Ljungberg  ,Nathan J. McNeill  ,Zaria T. Malcolm  ,David J. Therriault  
    engineering education research  ,problem-solving  ,think-aloud protocol  ,epistemology  
  • Engineering education as a complex system
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2011 vol 36 no 6
    David K. Gattie  ,Nadia N. Kellam  ,John R. Schramski  ,Joachim Walther  
    engineering  ,education  ,complex  ,system  ,problem-solving  ,dichotomies  
  • Mixing Problem Based Learning And Conventional Teaching Methods In An Analog Electronics Course
    American Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol 5 no 2
    J. M. Podges  ,P.A.M. Kommers  ,K. Winnips  ,W.R van Joolingen  
    PBL  ,Problem-Solving  ,Engineering Education  ,Electronics Practical  
  • Problem Solving And Creativity And Design: What Influence Do They Have On Girls' Interest In STEM Subject Areas?
    American Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol 4 no 1
    Robyn Cooper  ,Carol Heaverlo  
    STEM Subjects  ,Problem-solving  ,Problem-based Learning  ,Creativity  ,Design  ,Extracurricular