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  • The relationship between engineering bachelor qualifications and occupational status in Australia
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2015 Vol 20_Iss 2
    Stuart Palmer   ,Mark Tolson   ,Karen Young  ,Malcolm Campbell   
    STEM  ,engineering education  ,Australian census  ,educational qualifications  ,occupational outcomes  
  • From representation to construction: A study of graphic skills in students newly admitted to architecture and design courses
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2015 Vol 20_Iss 1
    Graphic skills  ,representation systems  ,two-dimensional representation  ,three-dimensional representation  ,spatial intelligence  
  • Using online and multimedia resources to enhance the student learning experience in a telecommunications laboratory within an Australian university
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2015 Vol 20_Iss 1
    Telecommunications  ,video instructions  ,modular communications system  ,e-learning  
  • Enhancing the Quality of Engineering Graduate Teaching Assistants through Multidimensional Feedback
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2011 vol 2 no 3
    Classroom assessment  , engineering pedagogy  , observation systems  , graduate teaching assistants  
  • An ECG Lab Project for Teaching Signal Conditioning Systems in a Master’s Degree in Mechatronic Engineering
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2015 Vol 4_Iss 3
    Cecilio Blanco Viejo  ,Juan Carlos Campo Rodriguez  ,Marta Valledor Llopis  ,Alberto López Martínez  ,Francisco Javier Ferrero Martín  ,Yuri A. Vershinin  
    signal conditioning   , data acquisition  , ECG  , LabVIEW  ,DAQ  , Measurement systems  
  • The Personal Epistemologies of Civil Engineering Faculty
    Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol.103 no.3
    Devlin Montfort  ,Shane Brown  ,Dawn Shinew  
    Personal epistemology  
  • Systematic Literature Reviews in Engineering Education andOtherDeveloping Interdisciplinary Fields
    Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol.103 no.1
    Maura Borrego  ,Margaret J. Foster  ,Jeffrey E. Froyd  
    methods  ,review  ,systematic review  
  • Marginalized Identities of Sense-Makers: Reframing Engineering Student Retention
    Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol.103 no.1
    Brian A.Danielak  ,Ayush Gupta  ,Andrew Elby  
    epistemology  ,identity  ,retention  
  • Impact of Household Location on First-Year Engineering Students’ Environmental Awareness and Resistance to Change
    Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol.102 no.4
    Nicole Weber  
    environmental awareness  ,first-year engineering students  ,Geographic Information Systems (GIS)  
  • Team Effectiveness Theory from Industrial and Organizational Psychology Applied to Engineering Student Project Teams: AResearch Review
    Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol.102 no.4
    Maura Borrego  ,Jennifer Karlin  ,Lisa D.McNair  ,Kacey Beddoes  
    psychology  ,systematic review  ,team  
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