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  • Enhancing students' engagement in learning through a formative e-assessment tool that motivates students to take action on feedback
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2015 Vol 20_Iss 1
    HUI JIAO  
    Feedback  , e-assessment  , engagement  , formative  , performance.  
  • Assessing International Product Design and Development Graduate Courses: The MIT-Portugal Program
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2010 Vol 2_Iss 2
    Arlindo Silva   ,Yehudit Judy Dori   
    product design  , international education  ,assessment  
  • Enhancing the Quality of Engineering Graduate Teaching Assistants through Multidimensional Feedback
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2011 vol 2 no 3
    Classroom assessment  , engineering pedagogy  , observation systems  , graduate teaching assistants  
  • Engineering Student Self-Assessment Through Confidence-Based Scoring
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2015 Vol 4_Iss 4
    Kyle B. Reed  ,Gigi Yuen-Reed  
    self-efficacy   , confidence-based scoring  , certainty-based markings  ,assessment  
  • What Alumni Value from New Product Development Education: A Longitudinal Study
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2016 Vol 5_Iss 1
    Corie L. Cobb  ,Jonathan Hey  ,Alice M. Agogino  ,Sara L. Beckman  ,Sohyeong Kim  
    engineering education  , Longitudinal Assessment  , New Product Development   
  • Faculty and Student Perceptions of the Content of Entrepreneurship Courses in Engineering Education
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2016 Vol 5_Iss 1
    Mary Besterfield-Sacre  ,Sarah Zappe  ,Angela Shartrand  ,Kirsten Hochstedt  
    assessment  , entrepreneurship  , faculty perceptions  , student perceptions   
  • Evaluation Of Current Assessment Methods In Engineering Entrepreneurship Education
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2016 Vol 5_Iss 1
    Kavin Nataraja  ,Nicholas Fila  ,Senay Purzer  ,  
    literature Synthesis  , entrepreneurship education   , Entrepreneurial Engineering   , assessment   
  • Making the Case for Global Engineering: Building Foreign Language Collaborations for Designing, Implementing, and Assessing Programs
    The Online Journal for Global Engineering Education 2007 ISSUE 2
    Beate I. Allert  ,Dianne L. Atkinson  ,Eckhard A. Groll  ,E. Dan Hirleman  
    global engineering  ,global competency  ,global program assessment  ,intercultural teams  ,global design teams  ,language proficiency  ,foreign language-engineering collaboration  ,technical competency  ,professional competency  ,global  ,learning outcomes  ,global program design  ,cultural awareness  
  • Student Team Solutions to an Open-Ended Mathematical Modeling Problem: Gaining Insights for Educational Improvement
    Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol.102 no.1
    Heidi A.Diefes -Dux  ,Margret A.Hjalmarson  ,Judith S. Zawojewski  
    model-eliciting activity  ,open-ended problem solving  ,assessment  
  • Controlling people-safety
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2013 vol.15 No.2
    Ronald B. Ward  
    Engineering work safety  ,risk management  ,risk assessment  ,accidents  ,fatalities  
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