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  • A top-down approach to gaining an insight into a transistor circuit in CS connection
    【专业期刊暂不收录】International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education 2011 vol.48 no.1
    Gabriel Oltean  
    circuit application  ,intrinsic operation  ,transfer characteristic  ,transistor circuit  
  • Interpretation of feedback amplifi er by a power series of succeeding feedback components
    【专业期刊暂不收录】International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education 2011 vol.48 no.1
    Lee-Min Lee  
    amplifier  ,circuit  ,control  ,feedback  ,stability  
  • The formation of visual-verbal paired associates for resistor-capacitor series circuits
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2012 vol 14 no 2
    Sarah Pulé  
    Dual coding theory  ,visual-verbal  ,paired associates  ,resistor-capacitor circuits  
  • The use of mathematical programs and numerical methods in teaching selected topics in circuit theory based on Maple and MATLAB
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2011 3
    Andrzej M. Dąbrowski  ,Stanisław A. Mitkowski  ,Anna Porębska  
    Electric circuit theory  ,network analysis  ,graph theory  ,numerical methods  ,Maple  ,MATLAB  
  • HarmoSim: A Tool for Harmonic Distortion Simulation and Assessment of Nonlinear Loads
    Computer Application in Engineering Education 2014 Volume 22, Issue 2
    residential power circuits  ,simulation  ,harmonic distortion  ,nonlinear loads