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  • The impact of increasing course enrolment on student evaluation of teaching in engineering education
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2015 Vol 20_Iss 1
    S Palmer   ,W Hall  
    Engineering education  ,large classes  ,student evaluation of teaching  
  • Effects of Course and Instructor Characteristics on Student Evaluation of Teaching across a College of Engineering
    Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol.102 no.2
    MichaelD. Johnson  ,Arunachalam Narayanan  ,William J.Sawaya  
    student evaluations of teaching (SETs)  ,academic administration  ,engineering  
  • Implementing peer evaluation to improve students' participation in oral presentations in a large mechanical design class
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2012 vol 14 no 3
    Yeh-Liang Hsu  
    Project-based learning  ,guided design  ,peer evaluation  ,oral presentation  
  • Changes in quality assessment criteria for evaluating education in Polish higher education institutions
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2011 1
    Stanisław A. Mitkowski  ,Zenon J. Pudlowski  
    Quality assurance systems  ,assessment criteria  ,evaluation of higher education institutions  ,accreditation process  
  • Critical evaluation as an aid to improved report writing: a case study
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol 39 no.3
    Mirabelle Walker  ,Judith Williams  
    report writing  ,critical evaluation  ,evaluation criteria  ,peer evaluation  ,self-assessment  
  • Competencies development and self-assessment in maintenance management e-training
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol 38 no.5
    Nikos Papathanassiou  ,Petros Pistofidis  ,Christos Emmanouilidis  
    maintenance management training  ,competences self-assessment  ,user evaluation  
  • Instructor characteristics and students’ evaluation of teaching effectiveness: evidence from an Italian engineering school
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol 38 no.1
    Stefano Bianchini  ,Francesco Lissoni  ,Michele Pezzoni  
    economics of education  ,teaching effectiveness  ,evaluation methodology  ,determinants of teaching effectiveness  ,engineering education  
  • A longitudinal evaluation of a project-based learning initiative in an engineering undergraduate programme
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol 37 no 2
    Wayne Hall  ,Stuart Palmer  ,Mitchell Bennett  
    project-based learning  ,engineering education  ,evaluation  
  • Project-based learning as a contributing factor to graduates' work readiness
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol 37 no 2
    Margaret Jollands  ,Lesley Jolly  ,Tom Molyneaux  
    project-based learning  ,assessment of learning outcomes  ,engineering education  ,evaluation  
  • Vertical stream curricula integration of problem-based learning using an autonomous vacuum robot in a mechatronics course
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2011 vol 36 no 5
    Cheng Chin  ,Keng Yue  
    problem-based learning  ,vacuum robot cleaner  ,mechatronics systems design  ,microcontroller  ,assessment  ,evaluation  
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