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  • Threshold concepts in undergraduate engineering: Exploring engineering roles and value of learning
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2015 Vol 20_Iss 1
    Threshold concepts  ,identity  ,motivation  ,engineering education  ,curriculum development  
  • Marginalized Identities of Sense-Makers: Reframing Engineering Student Retention
    Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol.103 no.1
    Brian A.Danielak  ,Ayush Gupta  ,Andrew Elby  
    epistemology  ,identity  ,retention  
  • Engineering Identity Development Among Pre-Adolescent Learners
    Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol.101 no.4
    Brenda M. Capobianco  ,Brian French  ,Heidi A. Diefes-Dux  
    identity  ,engineering  ,elementary  
  • Factors relating to engineering identity
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2012 vol 14 no 1
    Kerry L. Meyers  ,Matthew W. Ohland  ,Alice L. Pawley  ,Stephen E. Silliman  ,Karl A. Smith  
    Engineering identity  ,persistence  ,professional persistence  ,engineering education  
  • When the Hurly-Burly’s Done, of Battles Lost and Won: How a Hybrid Program of Study Emerged from the Toil and Trouble of Stirring Liberal Arts into an Engineering Cauldron at a Public Polytechnic
    【暂不收录】Engineering Studies 2014 vol 6 no 2
    David D. Gillette  ,Elizabeth Lowham  ,Michael Haungs  
    interdisciplinary program  ,academic program design  ,hybrid academic degree  ,interdisciplinary studies  ,engineering studies  ,liberal arts studies  ,academic profession  ,professional identity  ,project-based learning  ,design-based learning  ,authenticity in learning  
  • Development of an engineering identity in the engineering curriculum in Dutch higher education: an exploratory study from the teaching staff perspective
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol 38 no.1
    Fons Dehing  ,Wim Jochems  ,Liesbeth Baartman  
    engineering identity  ,identity development  ,educating engineers