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  • Creating an Instrument toMeasure Leadership,Change, and Synthesis in Engineering Undergraduates
    Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol.103 no.1
    Benjamin Ahn  ,Monica F.Cox  ,Jeremi London  ,Osman Cekic  ,Jiabin Zhuc  
    engineering  ,instrument development  ,leadership  
  • A triad of leaders
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2013 vol.15 No.3
    Ronald B. Ward  
    Leadership  ,management  ,differences and methods  
  • A summary of leadership
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2010 vol 12 no 1
    Ronald B. Ward  
    Leadership  ,management  ,fallacies  ,paradoxes  
  • Impact of senior design project for the development of leadership and management skills in construction management
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol 38 no.4
    Tamara Chowdhury  
    Capstone project  ,management  ,leadership  ,performance  ,construction  
  • Leadership and performance in higher education: a comparative analysis in Portugal and Spain
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol 37 no 6
    Luis Manuel Cerda Suarez  ,Wilmar Hernandez  
    leadership  ,performance of the professor  ,transformational teaching  ,higher education  
  • Courses for teaching leadership capacity in professional engineering degrees in Australia and Europe
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol 37 no 3
    Hamid Khattak  ,Harry Ku  , Steven Goh  
    engineering leadership  ,curriculum  ,project-based approaches  ,engineering design  
  • Leadership training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education in Bulgaria
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2011 vol 36 no 6
    Diana Bairaktarova  ,Monica F. Cox   ,Monica F. Cox   
    leadership training  ,STEM education  ,Bulgaria  
  • A Project-Based Engineering and Leadership Workshop for High School Students
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2012 vol 3 no 2
    teamwork and leadership  ,design project  ,Pre-engineering education  
  • The Impact of Cognitive Style on Social Networks in On-Line Discussions
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2011 vol 2 no 3
    cognitive diversity  ,Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI)  ,on-line education  ,social network analysis (SNA)  ,leadership