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  • Indispensable Resource? A Phenomenological Study of Textbook Use in Engineering Problem Solving
    Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol.102 no.2
    Christine S. Lee  ,Nathan J.McNeill  ,Elliot P.Douglas  
    textbook  ,problem solving  ,phenomenology  
  • Student Team Solutions to an Open-Ended Mathematical Modeling Problem: Gaining Insights for Educational Improvement
    Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol.102 no.1
    Heidi A.Diefes -Dux  ,Margret A.Hjalmarson  ,Judith S. Zawojewski  
    model-eliciting activity  ,open-ended problem solving  ,assessment  
  • Modeling in Engineering: The Role of Representational Fluency in Students’Conceptual Understanding
    Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol.102 no.1
    Tamara J.Moore  ,Ronald L.Miller  ,Richard A. Lesh  ,Micah S. Stohlmann  
    representations  ,modeling  ,problem solving  ,heat transfer  
  • Learning about friction: group dynamics in engineering students’ work with free body diagrams
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol 39 no.6
    Maria Berge  ,Alexandra Weilenmann  
    free body diagram  ,collaborative learning  ,problem solving  ,mechanics  ,conversation analysis  
  • Teaching problem solving: Don't forget the problem solver(s)
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol 38 no.2
    Saidas M. Ranade  ,Angela Corrales  
    problem solving  ,emotional blocks  ,culture and diversity  ,cognitive biases  ,conditional probability  
  • Designing a flashcard with knowledge pills for learning to solve chemistry exercises
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol 37 no 4
    Angeles Cancela  ,Angel Sanchez  ,Rocio Maceiras  
    chemical engineering  ,undergraduate  ,problem solving  ,multimedia-based learning  ,studentcentred learning  
  • Teaching problem-solving skills to nuclear engineering students
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol 37 no 4
    E. Waller  ,M.H. Kaye  
    problem solving  ,modelling  ,simulation  ,nuclear engineering, heuristics, collaborative app  
  • Efficacy of an Online Resource for Teaching Interpersonal Problem Solving Skills to Women Graduate Students in Engineering
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2014 vol 4 no 2
    interpersonal problem solving  ,online learning environment  ,women graduate students