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  • Motivations of Women Participating in a Technology- Based Social Entrepreneurship Program
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2016 Vol 5_Iss 1
    Rachel Dzombak  ,Sally Mouakkad  ,Khanjan Mehta  
    entrepreneurship  , Gender Equity  , humanitarian  , Motivations  , service learning  , Social  , Women   
  • An Educational and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to Actualize Technology-Based Social Ventures
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2016 Vol 5_Iss 1
    Khanjan Mehta  ,Sarah Zappe  ,Mary Lynn Brannon  ,Yu Zhao  
    Humanitarian Engineering  , International Development  , service learning  , Social Entrepreneurship  , Social Innovation   
  • Engineering Study Abroad Programs: Formats, Challenges, Best Practices
    The Online Journal for Global Engineering Education 2007 ISSUE 2
    Alan Parkinson  
    Study Abroad Programs  ,Best Practices  ,Engineering Education  ,Recruitment  ,Service Learning  
  • A service learning project in Honduras as an enhancement to the undergraduate engineering design experience
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2014 16(2)
    Kris J. Dick  ,Jami Carter   ,Sandra Ingram  
    Experiential education  ,service learning  ,cultural competency  ,design education  ,sustainable housing  
  • Incorporating service learning in traditionally lecture-based environmental engineering courses through researching bacterial contamination at a local beach
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2012 vol 14 no 2
    Kathryn B. Mika  ,Tiffany Y. Lin  ,Marcia Ferreira  ,Jessica Lacson  ,Kathy O'Byrne  ,William Sandoval  ,Vanessa Thulsiraj  ,Jennifer A. Jay  ,Christine M. Lee  ,Chu-Ching Lin  
    Service learning  ,community-based research  ,water quality  ,political engagement  
  • Exploring an experiential learning project through Kolb's Learning Theory using a qualitative research method
    European Journal of Engineering Education 2012 vol 37 no 4
    Cecilia Ka Yuk Chan  
    experiential learning  ,Kolb's Learning Theory  ,conversational learning  ,community service learning  ,graduate attributes  ,transferable skills  
  • Mentoring young adults in the development of social responsibility
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol 19 no.1
    DR Brodeur  
    Ethics  ,social responsibility  ,vision  ,cooperative learning  ,service learning  
  • Incorporating a Systems Approach into Civil and Environmental Engineering Curricula: Effect on Course Redesign, and Student and Faculty Attitudes
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2011 vol 2 no 4
    service learning  ,civil engineering  ,sustainability  ,assessment  ,environmental engineering  ,systems approach  ,Undergraduate engineering education