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  • Theory to practice on finite element method and computational fluid dynamics tools
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2015 Vol 20_Iss 2
    V. C Lee   ,M C. Law   ,S K. Wee  
    Theory to practice  ,teaching and learning experience  ,finite element methods  ,computational fluid dynamics  
  • Learning and teaching style assessment for improving project-based learning of engineering students: A case of United Arab Emirates University
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2015 Vol 20_Iss 1
    Learning styles  ,teaching styles  ,project-based learning  ,engineering students  
  • The impact of increasing course enrolment on student evaluation of teaching in engineering education
    Australasian Journal of Engineering Education 2015 Vol 20_Iss 1
    S Palmer   ,W Hall  
    Engineering education  ,large classes  ,student evaluation of teaching  
  • Enhancing the Quality of Engineering Graduate Teaching Assistants through Multidimensional Feedback
    Advances in Engingeering Education 2011 vol 2 no 3
    Classroom assessment  , engineering pedagogy  , observation systems  , graduate teaching assistants  
  • An Affective-Cognitive Teaching and Learning Approach for Enhanced Behavioural Engagements among Engineering Students
    Journal of the Higher Education Academy Engineering Subject Centre 2013 vol 8 issue 1
    Tahira Anwar Lashari  ,Maizam Alias  ,Mohd Jahaya Kesot  ,Zainal Abidin Akasah  
    Integrated teaching  ,learning approach  ,behavioural engagement  ,affective- cognitive teaching  
  • Bridging the Research-to-Practice Gap: Designing an Institutional Change Plan Using Local Evidence
    Journal of Engineering Education 2014 vol.103 no.2
    Cynthia J.Finelli  ,Shanna R.Daly  ,Kenyon M.Richardson  
    effective teaching practices  ,expectancy value theory  ,faculty development  
  • Validation of a Survey for Graduate Teaching Assistants: Translating Theory to Practice
    Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol.102 no.3
    Jiabin Zhu  ,Yi Li  ,Monica F. Cox  ,Jeremi London  ,Jeeyeon Hahn  ,Benjamin Ahn  
    How People Learn  ,graduate teaching assistants  ,survey validation  
  • Effects of Course and Instructor Characteristics on Student Evaluation of Teaching across a College of Engineering
    Journal of Engineering Education 2013 vol.102 no.2
    MichaelD. Johnson  ,Arunachalam Narayanan  ,William J.Sawaya  
    student evaluations of teaching (SETs)  ,academic administration  ,engineering  
  • To think in architecture, to feel in structure: Teaching Structural Design in the Faculty of Architecture
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2014 16(2)
    Ján Ilkovič  ,Ľubica Ilkovičová  ,Robert Špaček  
    Thinking of architecture  ,structure  ,teaching  ,design  ,creativity  
  • Effects of small-group teaching in an electrical engineering course
    Global Journal Of Engineering Education 2013 vol.15 No.3
    Sanna Heikkinen  
    Small-group teaching  ,motivation  ,electrical engineering  
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