More lives than a cat


In a previous article published in this journal, this author recounted first his progression through receiving engineering education, followed by a similar telling of his contribution to engineering education [1]. The title, Two lives out of nine followed, rather loosely, from a previous writing in which he counted having had, up to the start of the new century, nine lives, the number a cat is said to have. However, the last decade or so has added further lives to that earlier number so he can now claim to have had more than a cat has (or is supposed to have), and that has led to this article. In these extra lives, he has made further use of that long education progress and has added further contribution to engineering education. Many conclusions can be taken from this account, an obvious one is that some older people never want to stop, another is there is a lasting benefit in education; and those are covered in what follows from this abstract.


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Engineering    management    education    life    


1. Ward, R.B., Two lives out of nine. Global J. of Engng. Educ., 10, 1, 101 -110 (2006).